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Royal Severe

Hello Everyone!

Hello! My name is Royal Severe. I am the CEO of Royal's Rock N Recipes. My allergies restricted me from eating some of the main ingredients used in the kitchen. Raw eggs, chocolate, seafood, peanuts, and sesame are foods I can’t consume. Many would believe it would be impossible for me to have a successful bakery or even bake for starters. I was tired of hearing “we are sorry, we can’t accommodate you” at most restaurants and bakeries. At birthday parties, celebrations, or any family or friend function, my twin sister Legacy, my brother Jeremiah, and I were always excluded and had to sit off to the side because we couldn't partake in the dessert. Our mom began creating desserts that were safe for us to eat at celebrations so we didn’t feel isolated or excluded from the rest of the guests. Our dad made sure we always had the safety kit with procedures, medications, and epi-pens in case of emergencies.  In 2015, I began to use my creativity in baking by using substitutes and found other ways to make allergen-friendly baked goods. The goal is to make it so that others would be accommodated with their allergies. After we brainstormed, my mom came up with my business name! Royal’s Rock N Recipes. 

Royal’s Rock N Recipes specializes in accommodating food allergies!

Enjoy the Online Bakery Experience



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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